Frequently Asked Questions


All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

All payments are processed through PayPal.

See PayPal for more information on exchange rates:’s-currency-exchange-rates-faq1976


Shipping is available worldwide. Select your region in the shopping cart for rates.

Prints are printed in The United States, Europe, and Australia, to offer customers affordable shipping rates.

Fulfillment for printing your purchased prints is typically 3-5 business days plus shipping.

Estimated shipping times to:

Canada, United States, Europe, and Australia 3-8 days

Rest of the world 7-14 days


Prints are always printed WITHOUT the Andrew Serack logo watermark.

Print size unit are all imperial measurements (inches) and describe the length and width of the finished product (paper edge to paper edge).

Prints are printed without white borders.

Prints are all premium luster finish 10mil (0.25mm) thick, which means they are partly matte and partly glossy, perfect for framing and display, and are fingerprint resistant.